Welcome to our frequently asked questions section; just click on your question to see the answer. If you don't see your particular question listed here, drop us an customerservice@tennesseecheesecake.coml or give us a call, (615) 773-6181. We will be happy to help you.

Can I purchase a cheesecake at your bakery?

We no longer have a walk-in retail space at our bakery. Read more about the closure of our retail space. The best way to purchase a Tennessee Cheesecake dessert is through our online store. We now offer $5 flat rate shipping to all Tennessee addresses!

Does Tennessee Cheesecake contain any trans fat?

No, all of our products are Trans Fat Free.

Is Tennessee Cheesecake available wholesale?

Yes. Tennessee Cheesecake has been selling wholesale cheesecakes for more than 30 years. Please visit our wholesale website for more information, wholesale.tenneseecheesecake.com.

How is Tennessee Cheesecake packaged?

All of our cheesecakes come individually boxed and pre-sliced, with individual dividers separating each slice.

How will my order be packaged so it will be protected in shipping? What are your different shipping options?

Each Tennessee Cheesecake is packaged individually with dry-ice, placed into a styrofoam cooler, taped, and boxed. Tennessee Cheesecake stands by our pledge to have all of our cheesecakes arrive in the best possible condition to our customers.Tennessee Cheesecakes can travel hundreds of miles and arrive picture perfect, because of our attention to detail. Get more information about our shipping process, including transit times and other shipping FAQs.

Can I refreeze the product?

YES. Tennessee Cheesecake can be refrozen without product deterioration. Simply place unused portions in a freezer safe container or bag and return to the freezer.

How long can I store Tennessee Cheesecake in the freezer?

Tennessee Cheesecake can be safely stored at zero (0) degrees up to six months.

How long will the cheesecake last in my refrigerator at home?

We suggest storing Tennessee Cheesecake in the refrigerator for no more than five (5) days because Tennessee Cheesecake contains no added preservatives.

How many servings are there in a cheesecake?

There are twelve servings in most of our cheesecakes.

Does Tennessee Cheesecake contain any added preservatives?

NO. Tennessee Cheesecake does not add any preservatives to our products. We only use the finest ingredients.

What type of crust does Tennessee Cheesecake have?

All of our cheesecakes feature our famously moist, all-butter, honey-graham-pecan crust.

What is the best way to serve Tennessee Cheesecake?

We recommend serving Tennessee Cheesecake chilled (but not frozen) to enjoy the pure flavor of our quality ingredients. To thaw Tennessee Cheesecake, move our cheesecake to your refrigerator four to five hours before serving, or thaw an entire cake on your counter for one hour; one slice for 30 minutes.

Does Tennessee Cheesecake guarantee customer's satisfaction?

YES. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How secure is my information when ordering?

As safe, if not safer than ordering over the phone. Our ordering process is a secured electronic transaction designed to protect your vital information. Of course any purchase process includes the risk of abuse, but the facts show that online purchases are much safer than in-person purchases or telephone purchases.

What does Tennessee Cheesecake do with my information?

Any information that you give to Tennessee Cheesecake through this site is kept within Tennessee Cheesecake. We do not sell or distribute our contact lists or client lists to anyone. The information is solely used to help Tennessee Cheesecake understand our customers, reply to comments suggestions or concerns, and to better direct promotions. Your privacy is important to us.

Does Tennessee Cheesecake deliver locally in Nashville?

You may order a cheesecake through our website to be shipped. Delivery to Nashville and other Tennessee addresses is generally one day. See our shipping page for details.

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How can I contact Tennessee Cheesecake?

You can call, fax, email, or write to us.

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