Tennessee Cheesecake Offers Another Alternative to Flowers and Candy

Posted by Tennessee Cheesecake on 2/9/2015 to News and Events
By Lesley Lassiter
Nashville Scene

Remember that dock sale at Tennessee Cheesecake I told you about a few weeks ago? Apparently, a lot of you really like cheesecake, because they sold a heckuva a lot of them. Hundreds of people lined up in the rain to claim their cheesecake, and I imagine all of them were very happy customers, because the cheesecake is the best I can recall ever having. Even the crust is excellent; I figure there's a whole lot of very good butter or perhaps magic in that crust (actually honey grahams and pecans) because while cheesecake crust is usually unremarkable at best, this is crust worth eating.

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